Rigger course overview

This eLearning course provides you with basic to intermediate knowledge of:

  • fundamental rigging principles
  • correct selection of rigging equipment, including calculations
  • hazards and risks of rigging and lifting operations
  • handling and assembly of rigging equipment while ensuring safety.

This course is for ...

  • Rigging personnel in the following industries - Shipping and Logistics, Building, Construction, Engineering, Marine and Aerospace.
  • In-house quick refresher training to maintain currency of riggers.
  • Training centres seeking cost-effective hybrid learning methods.
  • Individuals needing rigging knowledge before lifting loads on ad-hoc basis.

Watch the video!

Title Duration US$
Safety and Hazards in handling of rigging equipment 30min 12.50
Selection and use of rigging accessories 30 min 12.50
Selection and use of different types of slings 25 min 12.50
Inspection of rigging equipment 16 min 12.50
Methods to determine load weight 20 min Free
Calculating simple and complex load weight by area or volume 21 min 12.50
Load weight distribution relative to balance point, moment and centre of gravity 21 min 12.50
Effects of sling angle stress, rigging methods and techniques 21 min 12.50
Diameter to diameter ratios, including calculations 21 min 12.50
Activities and quizzes are included in all lessons.

Course Outline


Single lesson ~ see table (valid for 30 days).
All lessons bundled ~ US$ 87.50 (valid for 9 weeks).

What you need

Internet connection on a PC or iPad.
Calculator or pencil/paper for lessons with calculation.

Standards Advisory
This rigger course content is designed to be generic and is applicable for all locale. As local regulations vary, the user is advised to accommodate regulations or legislations governed by the designated authority of their locale, environment and respective country.

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